Quotes from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

"The whole purpose of life is to gain enlightenment.
Nothing else is significant compared to that completely natural, exalted state of consciousness.
So always strive for that.
Set your life around that goal.
Don't get caught up in small things, and then it will be yours." - (sent in by Bill Burfey)

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"When you are appreciating creation as much as the Creator, then the Creator will ask, 'Who is appreciating my creation as much as me. Let me see this person.' " (August, 1970 Humboldt College - sent in by Michael Richardson)
"What you put your attention on grows strong in your life."
"What you see you become."
"We must take situations as they are. We must only change our mental attitudes towards them."
"People are influenced by what we are, what we radiate. This has greater appeal than what we say."
"Life is all business. Spend your energy to get joy, happiness, evolution, and to gain more ability to enjoy. In this field we spend our energy. We never use our time, energy, speech, or ability to do something that doesn't help us grow and improve our life. It's not worth it."
"Competition is for the competent."
"There is nothing in the cosmos, either in the material plane or the spiritual plane which cannot be directly cognized." (Veda, page 4 - sent in by Bill Durfey)
"If we think of defeat, that's what we'll get. If we are undecided then nothing will happen for us.
We must just pick something GREAT to do, and then DO it.
Never think of failure at all, for as we think now, that's what we'll get." (sent in by Jim Spates)
"Decide what you want and don't think of the intermediary conditions. When Nature works for us we should want what we want and Nature will work it out for us." (sent in by Ron Baxter)
" Keep your desire turning back within and be patient.
Allow the fulfilment to come to you.
Gently resist the temptation to chase your dreams into the world;
pursue them in your heart until they disappear into the Self, and leave them there.
It may take a little self-discipline, be simple, be kind, stay rested.
Attend to your own inner-health and happiness.
Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you.
Allow your love to nourish yourself as well as others.
Do not strain after your needs of life - it is sufficient to be quietly alert and aware of them.
In this way life proceeds more naturally, effortlessly.
Life is here to enjoy." (sent in by Ron Baxter)
"When the elephant decides to walk through the village, all the dogs come out and bark."
"Doubts are death."
"Doubts are the dry rot of life."
Enjoying Life
"Enjoy your life and be happy.
Being happy is of the utmost importance.
Success in anything is through happiness.
More support of nature comes from being happy.
Under all circumstances be happy, even if you have to force it a bit to change some long standing habits.
Just think of any negativity that comes to you as a raindrop falling into the ocean of your bliss.
You may not always have an ocean of bliss, but think that way anyway and it will help it come.
Doubting is not blissful and does not create happiness.
Be happy, healthy, and let all that love flow through your heart."
"It is the focus on the highest ideal day after day that saves life from being wrapped up in small whirlwinds." (sent in by Mary Iber)
"All freedom to man, but freedom is useful when we know what life is, when we know what past is, what present is, when we know how to go about things, not that every man should be left to experiment by himself."
Free Will
"Well, you see, it is like this. Absolutely everything is fixed, and absolutely everything can be changed at any time." (Squaw Valley, 1968 - sent in by Jim Spates)
•  "Fulfilment is structured in achievement,
•  Achievement is structured in action,
•  Action is structured in thinking,
•  Thinking is structured in knowledge,
•  Knowledge is structured in consciousness"
"Decide what you want and don't think of intermediary conditions.
When Nature works for us, we should want what we want and Nature will work it out for us."
Grace before eating
"In Thy fullness, my Lord,
Filled with thy grace,
For the purpose of union with Thee
And to satisfy and glorify Thy creation,
With thanks to Thee with all our hearts
And with all our love for Thee,
With all adoration for all Thy blessings
We accept thy gift as it has come to us.
The food is Thy blessing and in Thy service
We accept in all gratitude, my Lord."
"Naturalness is the basis of effectiveness."
"We have an infinite number of reasons to be happy, and a serious responsibility not be serious." (sent in by Bill Durfey)
"About humility we speak with an analogy: When the branches are full of fruit, they just bow down." - (Edinburgh, 1974)
"What we have been saying from the beginning of the Movement has been unbelievable but it has come to be believed. We have been impossible right from the beginning and we must continue to be impossible because we are raising a voice against suffering which has been considered to be the nature of life. It is our joy to be considered impossible - and it is our greater joy to make the impossible a living reality."
"Everything is an expression of our own intelligence. Through simple, innocent, natural unbounded awareness - fullness of Self, all is accomplished - Only we should not be influenced by the winds." - (December 1983)
"If you want to pay off your debts, it pays to increase your earning power."
see also Results
"Life is bliss.
"Man is born to enjoy."
"Human nervous system is the greatest gift of the creator."
"Love opens all doors, no matter how closed they may be, no matter how rusty from lack of use. Your work is to bring unity and harmony, to open all doors which have been closed for a long time. Have patience and tolerance. Open your heart all the time."
"Personal love is concentrated universal love." (Love and God)
"Love in the heart of man is a shrine to God on Earth." (Love and God)
"Meditate and enjoy."
"TM in the am and the pm."
"Water the root to enjoy the fruit."
"20 minutes in the bank, all day in the market place."
"I will fill the world with love and create Heaven on Earth." (1959)
"Nature supports right action."
"Nature works in parallel ways."
"The nature of life is to more and more."
"If a man is able to submit himself to nature, then nature will react to his needs. Almighty nature is all powerful and all loving, for the laws of nature are for the creation and evolution of all beings and creatures throughout the cosmos. There is no greater kindness than the kindness of nature." (sent in by Jim Spates)
"Do not base your life on the likings and dislikings or whims of others. What you are in life - whether you enjoy or suffer - it is your own responsibility. Be regular in your meditation and do not postpone for a later date your striving for God consciousness."
"Do not oppose because in opposing the tenderness of the feeling level is crushed.
All action should be to nourish the fine feeling developed in the practice of the TM sidhi program.
That is why we say Speak the Truth but see that you are speaking delicately.
Do not speak non-truth and do not speak in a non sweet way, so that the feeling is nourished.
The whole effect of activity is to enrich the feeling of the other.
Be as delicate as possible.
If communication accomplishes something on the gross but damages something on the level of feeling then it is a spiritual loss!
The feeling is more important for life.
Nourishment of the feeling level is the basis for growth of the spiritual holistic value.
Delicate behaviour on the surface should be such as to nourish, uphold and enhance the Transcendental value where feelings merge into a common source.
Do not oppose.
Opposition is dangerous to immortality."
"Nature knows best how to organise."
"Only a new seed will yield a new crop."
"Know what you want, decide when you want it, figure your plan of action, follow through on it, and never doubt."
"Unless an action is rightly thought out and its steps rightly planned, every stage of its performance will probably remain vague and therefore unsatisfactory for the doer and all those concerned." (Science of Being, P159)
"Problems are all in your head."
"Problems are not solved on the level of problems. Analysing a problem to find its solution is like trying to restore freshness to a leaf by treating the leaf itself, whereas the solution lies in watering the root."
"All problems in life arise from some weakness of mind. All weakness of mind is due to the mind's ignorance of its own essential nature, which is universal and the source of infinite energy and intelligence. ... In order to root out any problem of life it is only necessary to be brought out of ignorance, to be brought to knowledge." (Gita, Ch.II, vs.2)
"Well begun is half done."
"That which comes slow comes solid."
"We are born only to bless, not to punish.
This you should never forget.
We should always see good things in others - very important.
We are not in a position to criticize anyone.
The existence of enemies means for us that our friendliness has not been sufficient enough.
'God helps those who help themselves.' - it's a very true saying.
We are aware of darkness but for our own community we want to have Enlightenment."
"The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness."
Asked why he brought TM to the West "For bliss."
Asked if he believed in reincarnation: "I am opposed to it."
Another time (holding a flower): "One carnation is enough."
"Ideal relationship is based on giving."
"Responsibility can never be given. It can only be taken."
"See the job, do the job, stay out of the misery."
Rules of Life
Maharishi's nine rules of life:
  1. Don't analyze
  2. Don't complain
  3. Don't compare yourself to others
  4. Don't expect things to be done for you
  5. Don't expect perfection in the relative
  6. Look to the knowledge aspect daily
  7. Own the movement
  8. Problems are all in your head
  9. Hold yourself together
(the authenticity of this quote has been questioned)
"The formula for producing maximum results is to disregard the obstacles and negative influences which offer resistance to the performance of action. The doer should engage in action and continue until the desired results are achieved. When the standard of consciousness is raised through the process of meditation, the action performed at that higher level of life energy and intelligence will have an overriding influence on karma from the past and will produce maximum results.
This is how, by the regular practice of Transcendental Meditation supplemented by the power of charity and virtuous deeds, the negative influence of past karma can be counteracted and the path of present karma smoothed. Then the action will be performed without resistance or obstacle, yielding maximum results.
This is how, by the power of present action or karma, destiny is controlled. Herein lies the full meaning of the saying that man is a master of his own destiny." (Science of Being, Page 179)
Right and Wrong
"We don't do what we know is wrong."
"There is nothing in life to take seriously except the joy of life". (sent in by Ron Baxter)
"Silence vibrating is Creation. Silence flowing is Love. Silence shared is Friendship. Silence seen is Infinity. Silence heard is Adoration. Silence expressed is Beauty. Silence maintained is Strength. Silence omitted is Suffering. Silence allowed is Rest. Silence recorded is Scripture. Silence preserved is Our Tradition. Silence given is Initiating. Silence received is Joy. Silence perceived is Knowledge. Silence stabilized is Fulfillment. Silence alone is." (sent in by Dr. Brian Pham)
"Sleep in the bliss of God.
Feel love of God, Lie in the showers of his blessings.
Let your heart melt in the love of God.
Sleep in the love of God and in Love.
Sleep in the warmth of Divine Grace,
Without my words -- only in this feeling"
(sent in by Peter Miller)
"There is nothing that can be said so certainly about stress except that the amount of rest produced will neutralise the corresponding intensity of stress."
"The secret of success is conviction and persistence."
"The secret of success in business is creativity. The urgent need in business today is to develop the field of creativity that lies deep within each individual. Through Transcendental Meditation the awareness of the individual comes into contact with this field of unlimited creativity, pure consciousness, the Constitution of the Universe."
"The most effective teachers embody the teaching they give out."
"A good teacher will appreciate the good qualities of his students. If one good quality is allowed to emerge, a world of good qualities will emerge from that one."
"The factor of time is very vital in life. Those who have accomplished great things in the world have been those who valued time in their life. The time of life is limited and a great amount of evolution has to be accomplished for fulfilment of life. Therefore, the factor of time must be valued above everything."
"This is the whole aim of the Vedas: that no man engaged in the field of diversity--field of diversity means field of death, field of change--no man engaged in the field of change should ever be allowed to remain there all the time. He should be given the opportunity, his body and mind should be cultured so that imperishable state of eternal Being permeates all these changing phenomena in the relative world." (Veda, page 16 - sent in by Bill Durfey)
"God grants us the faculty to open ourselves to peace. If we don't then we are responsible if wars continue."
Winds of change
"If we are all strong, stable, we can set our sail with any wind in the world that comes along. We make up our own direction. If we are not strong, we are like a leaf in the wind and the world's winds will take us where THEY wish, not where WE wish. So we meditate, EVERY DAY, REGULARLY, and gain transcendental being in our everyday life and then we are strong. When we are all infused with Being, we need not think which course is right, we just take the one that is automatically. Being is the wind-resister and the sail-setter..."
(Squaw Valley, 1968 - sent in by Jim Spates)
"It is the responsibility of the older generation to advise the young, to tell the child what is right and wrong. Even if they do not want to listen to follow our direction, it is right to tell them."
Yoga Asanas
"In Thy presence, my Lord, filled with Thy grace,
and for the purpose of union with Thee
I am starting Yoga Asanas.
Grant me good health, energy, and efficiency in life.
I feel Thy grace, Thy divine presence."

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