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Welcome to TM Cafe "Enjoy the rest of your life"

Sunday Times "Hello John, got a new mantra?" Journalist John Harding's amusing story of learning TM. Sunday Times, 1998 GuardianGUARDIAN EXTRA - John Windsor's classic 1973 full page article. Skylab + Beatles photos. "I read this and learned TM." - David Saunders.
Excellence"Road test the Mantra." 1993. Excellence magazine's editor Greg Applegate prepares to learn TM. Science of Mind"Settled Mind, Silent Mind." - Science of Mind Journal interview - Maharishi on how TM works.
Beatles Beatles Anthology, 1995 Transcript from TV series, about the Beatles time with Maharishi. QuotesFavourite Quotes. Maharishi's thoughts and insights on many subjects. Send in your favourites to add to this list!

FAQFrequently Asked Questions (?) - all you ever needed to know about TM and Scientific Research.

Book ListBooks on TM A bunch of books and publications about TM.